About Us

Our food retail heritage was started five decades ago with a small homegrown brand established by our grandfather. The journey began after India's partition, when our founder set up Depaul's in New Delhi, India as a deli and coffee outlet with a unique offering of premium bottled cold coffee in the early '50s. The bespoke coffee preparation is to this day a family secret and is handcrafted in our own facility.

Slowly the brand turned into a family legacy that has been passed on from generation to generation upholding the values and traditions.

Depaul's has grown into a successful multi-location food retail business with over 10 outlets.

The brand evolved with time and the current generation expanded internationally into various food retail businesses. One of the recent ventures was CRAZY4FALAFEL, a Mediterranean food Quick Service Restaurant, with 2 outlets in New Jersey.

Continuing our founder's legacy of value food retail, our latest offering brings fresh and authentic flavors of North Indian cuisine to you. The Kabab Factory, New Jersey, brings the essence of recipes from our homeland and is based on many months of research and trials.

We recreate the cuisines from the streets of India to satisfy your palette.