The Kabab factory is the real deal. Do order a take out or visit the outlet if you crave delicious kababs and sumptuous and wholesome biryanis. We ordered the Murgh Sula kabab , Murgh Malai Tikka and Nizami Murgh Biryani and were super satisfied. The kababs were succulent , full of flavour and wants to you to go for more. The biryani will also tingle your taste buds with some really fragrant and great flavours. Way to go the Kabab factory.

The food was delicious. My wife loves the food and the quality is top notch. The Owner Karthikeya is very welcoming. He makes sure the Quality remains the same no matter what. Every food item is tasty and different. We love their kebabs. Hara Bara Kebab and their Dal and Paneer Tikka Sabzi. Chilli Garlic Naan is Yum. Worth a shot even if you have to drive for an hour or half.

One of the best desi food I ever had! And super great owner, a pleasure to stay there like being at home. Very recommended for everyone in town.

Extremely tasty Kebabs. We ordered one of each. They also have a fast service. Perfectly cooked lamb kebabs, prawn kebabs and it’s amazing.